What Makes Recreational Gymnastics Different?



March 19th, 2019

NOW, is a great time of year to propel your youth into action! The weather is showing signs of spring time, daylight savings has extended our hours of sunlight, and everyone is feeling a little extra energetic after the dark winter months. If you have a child bouncing, quite literally, off the walls of your home, get them out and moving! Physical activity not only helps calm the body but also the mind.
Gymnastics can be a very rewarding option for youth of all ages, but it can also be excessively strenuous both mentally and physically. You could say the sport has an incredibly high barrier to entry. In most gymnastic atmospheres, not only “should” your child be physically fit enough to complete demanding workouts most adults would struggle with, they also need to be mentally apt to deal with fear without much coaching on how to do so. These factors not only increase the risk of injury tri-fold, but also limit the sport to the few who can naturally adapt to these demands. How unfair are these expectations to put not only on young children, but also to demand of those who are beginning!

Its because of these commonalities in competitive gymnastics that our staff are determined to break the status quo. Having each experienced difficult to extreme coaching techniques in our youth, we are passionate to set sail in a different direction.
Fear based tactics will never lead to mental success. Its an unfortunate trick of the trade– making young gymnasts acquire new physical skills with little help from coaches. Best case scenario, the gymnast completes said skill and experiences physical success with little injury, worst case, the gymnast never experiences any type of success, getting injured in the process and forming deep seeded mental barriers.

Help them learn. Help them grow– both mentally and physically. As an athlete and coach, its our job to bolster success. We are the difference between positive mental fortitude or “the bottomless pit that becomes self loathing”-Quote from Alex Honnold, professional rock climber. Give them the compassion they deserve to experience success at their own rate, no matter how big or small. After all, sports are for everyone– even gymnastics.

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